Keynote speakers

Professor Giuseppe ACOCELLA
PhD – Rector of the University Giustino Fortunato of Benevento
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of law and general theory of law in the University Federico II of Naples, has been Rector of the University of the studies of Rome S. Pio V of Rome (LUSPIO) - 2009-2012. Director of the National Center of Studies of the CISL in Florence, Secretary General of the CISL University, Vice President of the National Council of Economy and Labor.
Professor Manuela BOATCA
PhD – University of Freiburg
Professor of Sociology, specialized in world-systems analysis, postcolonial and decolonial perspectives, gender in modernity/coloniality and the geopolitics of knowledge production in Eastern Europe and Latin America, with major contributions such as Decolonizing European Sociology. Transdisciplinary Approaches (2010), Global Inequalities beyond Occidentalism (2015).
Stephen Boulter
Professor Stephen BOULTER
PhD – Oxford Brookes University
Reader in Philosophy within the Department of History, Philosophy and Culture, with interests that include the philosophy of language, the philosophy of evolutionary biology, perception, metaphysics, virtue ethics, and numerous publications among which Metaphysics from a Biological Point of View (2013), Why Medieval Philosophy Matters (2019).

Professor Paul CARRESE

PhD – Arizona State University
Professor of political science, the founding director of the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership, with numerous books such as The Cloaking of Power: Montesquieu, Blackstone, and the Rise of Judicial Activism (2003), Democracy in Moderation: Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and Sustainable Liberalism (2016).
Titus Corlatean
Professor Titus CORLATEAN

PhD – DCCU, The Parliament of Romania

Legal scholar, diplomat, lawmaker and educator, author of several books in the field of human rights, and of numerous scientific papers in the fields of law, human rights, and post-Soviet secessionism, such as The European and International Human Rights Protection (2012), The Succession of States in the International Law (2012).
Professor Ion CRAIOVAN

PhD – President of Romanian IVR

Professor of law and social philosophy, President of the Romanian Association for the Philosophy of Law, with numerous published contributions, such as Introduction to the Philosophy of Law (1998), The Philosophy of Law or Law as Philosophy (2010).
Professor Corina Adriana DUMITRESCU

PhD – President of the Senate of Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University

Professor of law, former Rector of Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, with numerous books on law and the philosophy of law, among which The Romanian Constitution – commentary and explanation (2005), The Philosophy of Law - from Enlightenment to the Contemporary Period (2020).
Lucinda Finley
Professor Lucinda FINLEY

PhD – State University of New York

Professor of Law at the State University of New York at Buffalo, with research and teaching expertise including gender equality, reproductive justice, feminist legal theory, tort law, and First Amendment free speech rights. She is the co-author of the book Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Torts Opinions (2020).
Mircea Geoana
Professor Mircea GEOANA

Deputy Secretary General, North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Deputy Secretary General of NATO, a prominent public figure in Romania, with a distinguished domestic and international career, author of several books, such as America, Europe and Romania’s Modernization: Bases for a Romanian Societal Model (2006), The Romanian Social Model: the Way towards a New Romania (2008).
Professor Matthias MAHLMANN

PhD – University of Zurich, President of IVR

Chair of Philosophy and Theory of Law, Legal Sociology and International Public Law at the University of Zurich, with numerous scientific contributions such as Legal Philosophy and Legal Theory (2010, 6th edition 2021), Constitutional Options for Regulating Gene Technology (2017).
Professor Mechthild NAGEL

PhD – SUNY Cortland

Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies at SUNY Cortland, with numerous scientific contributions among which The End of Prisons: Reflections from the Decarceration Movement (2013), Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusive Excellence: Transdisciplinary and Global Perspectives (2015).
Professor Frank RAVITCH

PhD – Michigan State University

Professor of Law, with experience in private practice and on Capitol Hill, author and editor of numerous books, such as Freedom’s Edge: Religious Freedom, Sexual Freedom, and the Future of America (2016), Law, Religion and Tradition (2018).

PhD – Sciences Po

Professor of History and History of arts and literature, has authored many books, among which Maupassant et le roman (2000), Le Classicisme français (2001).
Professor Lorenz SCHULZ

PhD – University of Frankfurt

Professor of Criminal Law and Legal Philosophy, with numerous books and articles including Probleme Des Demographischen Wandels - Muss Der Staat Den Kinderwunsch Mehr Steuern? (2011), Law, Science, Technology (2013).
Professor Mortimer SELLERS

PhD – University of Baltimore, Former President of IVR

Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore School of Law, former IVR President, with major contributions in legal and political philosophy, such as The Rule of Law in Comparative Perspective (2010), Law, Reason, and Emotion (2017).